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Operation Theater Complex.

Megacity Hospital is equipped with 7 operation theatres with facilities to perform all types of Laparoscopy, Endoscopy, orthopedic Vascular Surgeries, Gynae Surgery, bariatric surgery, and Open Surgeries.

MINOR OPERATION THEATRE is well equipped to handle all kinds of trauma and infected dressings. It also caters to daycare procedures that do not require any anesthesia.

DRESSING/CHANGING ROOM is located inside OT Complex and makes it mandatory to scrub proper linen before any major surgical procedures.

SCRUB STATION is located in front of Major OT.

MAJOR OT is state of art operation theatre where all the major surgeries are carried. Wall to wall tiling and Air-conditioning assures Infection free zone.

The equipment located at OT Complex are:

  1. OT Tables (2)
  2. OT Lights (double dome)
  3. OT Lights (Single dome, mobile)
  4. Gas supply Pendant,
  5. Anesthesia work Station (Allied)
  6. Touch Screen Multi-Para Monitor,
  7. Infusion Pumps,
  8. Syringe Pumps,
  9. SD Image Camera System (Olympus),
  10. Defibrillator,
  11. Suction Machine,
  12. CO2 Insuffilator,
  13. Cautery Machine,
  14. LED Light Source Machine,
  15. Air Sterilizer
  16. Silicon Ambu-Bags (Adult and Children)
  17. Laryngoscope (with all blades)
  18. Fully Equipped Crash Carts
  19. Vertical Steam Sterilization Machine
  20. Chemical Sterilization Chamber
  1. Central Gas supply Alarm
  2. Centralized AC system with HAPPA filter to sterilized OT environment.
  1. ET-CO2 Monitor